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A house that has been inundated with flood waters is going to suffer severe
damages. The first priority a homeowner has after a flood is to remove the filthy water from their home as fast as
possible. The longer the water is allowed to sit in a house the more severe the resulting damage will be. The minute
it is deemed safe for you to return to your home be prepared to get rid of any remaining water. The first thing you
need to do is turn off the gas lines and electricity. Make sure that the structure of the house is sound before you
go inside and wear protective clothing and a good face mask when you do go in. Protective gear is essential to
prevent being exposed to dangerous bacteria and hazardous chemicals.
The best way to remove standing flood water is
to hire a company that specializes in water damage restoration to do the job for you. They will have trucks with
large hydraulic pumps to funnel out the standing water and they will have all the protective gear to do this safely.
If hiring a professional is not an option for you then rent a portable sump pump to remove the standing water. Make
sure that you have appropriate protective clothing, including rubber boots and gloves, waterproof coveralls,
goggles, and a good quality respirator mask. Begin to remove the water with the sump pump. Be careful not to pump
out the water too fast as this could damage the foundation of your home.
After the water is gone from the house the next priority is to dry the house out as fast as possible allowing air to circulate through it.
Open all the doors and windows. Open closet doors, cabinets, and drawers. Pull up and remove carpets, mats, and rugs. Run portable fans
to circulate air and dehumidifiers to dry the moisture out of the air. Desiccants absorb water from the air and are
good to use in small closed in areas. The sooner the house dries out the less likely there will be excessive mold
damage to deal with.
While the house is drying out begin to go through your possessions. Any large items that are
absorbent with such as carpets, mattresses, and upholstered furniture and have come into contact with the dirty
water should be thrown out. Your bedding, clothing, and towels can be laundered and should still be usable. Other
furniture should be cleaned and disinfected with bleach and left to dry out.
Drywall that has absorbed the flood
water has to be removed and replaced. Everything in the house needs to be cleaned and disinfected as soon as
possible. Most of the food in the house needs to be thrown out. Canned goods should have the labels removed and be
disinfected and labeled with a permanent marker.
If there are signs of mold growth call a professional to deal with
it. This can be a health hazard and it is important that it is killed completely to avoid re-growth.
In this instance it is far better to be safe than sorry.

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